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Rightly balanced Vastu Energies helps generate positive transformations in your home, site location, places of worship and business sectors.
Priyanka Kulkarni has helped many customers using India’s most ancient wisdom and vastu shastra to create an atmosphere that supports their health, wealth and happiness.
If you are looking for a authentic and genuine vastu shastra consultant services for your home / office / Industry / Factory / Hotel then do get in touch with us today.

Vastu Consultancy for Existing Structures :

  •  Balance your home and office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies using specific re-alignment tools and technology
  • Correcting Vastu defects and providing remedies for existing Vastu without structural demolition.
  • Any on-going project, if causing delay or creating complications can evaluated from the perspective of VastuShastra and with remedial measures, situation can be improved.

Consultancy for New Structures :

• Selection of the most favorable site for home, office or plot.

• Planning & Designing of Personalized schematic building and environmental design based on clients’ requirement.

• Interaction with your local architect to create construction drawings.

• Advice on ecologically friendly building materials.

• Suggestions regarding interior design, including colors, lighting and furniture placement.

• Recommendation of landscape design and plantings that, are both aesthetically pleasing and energetically balanced.

• Construction sequencing – specific guidelines from ground breaking to completion

If you are looking for a authentic and genuine vastu shastra consultant.