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Case Studies

One client had a machinery manufacturing and he had a old stock of 12 finished goods which were not moving for 2-3 years. Remedy was provided and the machine got sold in less than 3 months.

On visit it was observed that the unsold finished goods and the cash box was kept in wrong direction. Energies were disturbed due to wrong placement of machinery, staff, pantry and toilet.

Solution – Provided astrology solution to owner. Unsold machines were shifted to north west direction (vayu tattva). Other necessary solutions were provided which led to unsold finished goods getting sold in less than 3 months.

Relationship Counseling according to your personal horoscopes! Get to know why you and your spouse seem to always fight about the same thing. Uncover the secrets of the stars and witness your relationship and love grow like never before.

Our remedies also include IQ and EQ development of the child of an expecting mother; during her 9 months of pregnancy. Special care of mother’s health with remedies and mantras to ensure smooth pregnancy and delivery. This solution ensures No Nakshatra Dosh or Janam Shanti in child’s horoscope during the period of child birth.

This is a comprehensive solution and 12-14 sittings are necessary with the couple over a period of one to two years.

A client had 11 family members and he needed prosperity to support his family. Had suggested wearing of Neelam stone as per his astrology and his life changed for better. He got a foreign job with a good package.